Our expertise

A multi-scale expertise: membrane material, membrane modules and complete membrane processes.

Our goal is to predict the performance (purity, productivity) and evaluate the relative benefits (OPEX, CAPEX) of a membrane separation process compared to other alternatives, based on various operational parameters (pressure, surface area, temperature, type of membrane material, etc.).

We use innovative membranes and advanced techniques to optimize separation processes.

Our team

MEMSIC relies on the know-how of its founding members, professors-researchers and recognized experts in separation processes, process modeling and simulation, numerical calculation and development of software solutions.

Eric Favre


Co-founder and CSO

Separation Processes Expert

Professor at the University of Lorraine (ENSIC) and researcher at LRGP, Eric is an expert in separation processes for CO2 capture and valorization, energy efficiency, and sustainable chemistry.

With 180 publications and 15 patents to his name, he has led over 50 public and industrial projects.

Eric serves on 23 scientific committees and is an international authority, having delivered over 25 invited presentations at international conferences.

Roda Bounaceur


Co-founder and CEO

Process Modeling and Simulation Expert

With a Ph.D. in numerical computing and simulation, Roda managed over 30 research and industrial projects from 2001 to 2006 at the LRGP’s technology transfer and valorization Center.

Since 2006, he has been a Research Engineer at CNRS, specializing in scientific computing, mathematical methods, and programming languages.

His expertise in project management and software application development drives innovative solutions forward.

Christophe Castel

Christophe CASTEL

Co-founder and CSO

Separation Processes Expert

Professor at the University of Lorraine (ENSIC) and researcher at LRGP, Christophe specializes in membrane processes for CO2 capture, pervaporation, and reverse osmosis.

He develops process modeling and optimization tools and co-invented an innovative software for automated process design.

His expertise contributes to significant advancements in membrane separation technologies.



Project Manager

Process Engineer

Graduated from ENSIC, Eglé worked at CNRS on membrane separation projects for large enterprises and SMEs, focusing on the recovery and purification of gases of interest.

She notably designed a demonstration unit for CO2 capture using membrane contactors and absorption as part of an European H2020 project.

In 2023, she joined MEMSIC to coordinate and conduct cutting-edge studies in process engineering.