We have flowsheeting software (PSE software) as well as powerful digital development tools, in order to offer you software solutions that meet your needs as closely as possible.

To design more efficient units, operate a highly integrated process as close as possible to its limits, and deal with new regulations (environment, safety, etc.), engineers can no longer content themselves with simple process models. They need a powerful but also easy-to-use tool to simulate plant behavior, quickly test new configurations and obtain an optimal solution without being modeling specialists.

Flowsheeting software (or PSE, such as the AspenTech® or ProSimPlus® software suite) meets these requirements by offering a complete, user-friendly, numerically stable environment and ensuring compliance with material and energy balances. Using these digital tools allows us to model any type of material transformation process, thereby helping industries improve their operational efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, become more energy efficient, and make the most of available resources.

Example of an acid gas treatment process diagram using MDEA – Aspen Hysys® interface.

We have developed numerical tools to model multi-constituent separation of a gas mixture through a membrane module.

All these tools are compatible with most flowsheeting software (PSE software) such as AspenPlus®, Hysys®, Pro/II® (AVEVA®), GPROMS®, PROSIM®, COFE, etc.
prosim software


Hollow fiber membrane module for gas permeation, and a zoom inside one hollow fiber.
Module for simulating multi-constituent mixture separation by gas permeation


Module V1 supplemented by the following specificities:

  • Upstream and downstream pressure drop calculation
  • Joule-Thomson effect: estimation of temperature variation caused by the pressure drop between membrane upstream and downstream sides


Module for simulating multi-constituent mixture separation by gas permeation with a sweep current